370 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102

370 Summit Avenue

370 Summit Avenue - Home of Leaetta Hough and Bob Muschewske

This site has two objectives:

1.  Present information about 370 Summit - the architect, the architectural style of the home, steps taken by Bob and Leaetta to adapt this historic structure to contemporary use and information about past and current owners.

Click on 370 Summit History (above right) to see an image of 370 Summit.  Then click on the dropdown list of pages to read each of the sections described in Objective #1.  

2.  Present Travel Photo Books developed by Bob and Leaetta as well as photo albums developed by Bob and Leaetta

Click on Photos (above right) to view the Travel Photo Books described in Objective #2.  The name of the travel destination is embedded at the end of each dropbox url.  Click on the url to access the book.

Click on Photos (above right) to view the photo albums described in Objective #2. 

 Below are pictures of parks in the immediate vicinity of 370 Summit.  Cochran Park is across the street from the house and contains the famous Paul Manship sculpture, Indian Hunter and His Dog.  Nathan Hale Park is one half block to the northwest.  Summit Overlook Park, located across the street from the University Club, is one block to the west.


Bob Muschewske - 651-227-4888 (H)   612-578-3635 (C) - rmuschewske@comcast.net

Leaetta Hough - 651-227-4888 (H)  612-805-8230 (C) - leaetta@msn.com